14 oz. in a 12 oz. Cup

March 12, 2020 | Kim Grzywacz, CTIS

Kim Grzywacz, CTIS; CIT Signature Transportation

My husband is always telling me I am trying to put 14 oz. in a 12 oz. cup. I find this statement to be a challenge. So, do I reduce the amount I am pouring? Heck no! I just prove him wrong!

How do I prove him wrong? I use a straw and take sips while pouring.

First Sip: Planning

Have in your head how your day is going to go. Important tasks get a time slot. Figure out how much time they are going to take and stick to that schedule. Plan time for interruptions – but don’t accept all interruptions. There are those that are important and those that can wait. Be discerning. But failing to plan for interruptions is like failing to put the straw in the cup. You are just asking for trouble.

Second Sip: Avoid Email Overflows

How many of you have a love/hate relationship with emails? I know I do. You go to a short meeting and come back to the floodgates opened wide. It is important to keep this activity limited in time and scheduled. When you have responded/read/filed the first influx – DO NOT be tempted to keep on going and answer more that came in while you completed these. Letting emails hijack my day is like forgetting to take a sip from the straw in my cup. Before I know it, the ice cubes of emails added to my cup make my day foam up and overflow. What a mess.

Third Sip: Delegate

Are there tasks that someone can help you with? Tasks that you do “because it’s easier,” but really should be someone else’s? Plan ahead. Train properly, and let others do their jobs. This is a win-win not only for you, but for the other person and your company.

Fourth Sip: Alter Your Routine

Be prepared for an altered schedule. I am a gal that loves her routine, but when trying to accomplish more than usual, I need to take advantage of time when it is available. Laundry put in during the morning routine will be ready for the dryer as you head out the door. (Now, be smart about it – who cares about wrinkled towels – they can sit in the dryer all day.) I may work a bit longer into the evening. Remember those interruptions you planned for? Well, planning to work at a time with no interruptions is just as valuable. Cut out the unnecessary activities. No time for binge watching that guilty pleasure this week, and social media time gets cut short. Sleep is still important, don’t cheat it. A tired you is not a productive you.

Final Sip: Consistent Persistence

Check out the 20 Mile March. By practicing consistent persistence and scheduling your time to complete activities every day, the sips out of your cup keep you hydrated and not bloated from chugging the entire glass. You will get done what needs to get done and be ready for what comes next. Hopefully a week with only 10 oz. of activities for your 12 oz. cup.

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