ABI's Success Story: A Testament to the Power of Involvement and Support

August 4, 2023 | Mike Ralston, President

Every year about this time, I complete a round of visits with newly-elected members of the ABI Board of Directors. Our new board members, like our returning board members, are terrific women and men. They are passionate about their business, their employees, and serving their customers. For members of the ABI staff, speaking with directors and ABI members is one of the best parts of our job.

Also every year about this time, I remind you that same benefit is available to you. You, too, have the opportunity to meet terrific Iowa business leaders and you can take advantage of it by getting involved in ABI. 

Attend events, participate in meetings, and share your stories in newsletters and other publications. It’s a great way to help grow your business and grow our state. While I could expand on that, I know you get my point. Be involved.

Let me also share something else, and that is the state of the business here at ABI. Thanks to you and the board, the state of ABI is sound. 

With the board’s leadership and by the example of member companies, ABI is run in such a way that downturns are foreseen and managed. When they inevitably strike (though a downturn due to a global pandemic was a bit of a surprise), ABI can continue to serve members and provide value. That’s our focus now and always.

The association is in the second month of its fiscal year, and we are operating on a budget of roughly $2.2 million. Our cash position is very strong, and we continue to provide a complete slate of services, seminars and events, and educational and leadership development programming, which continues to be first class. 

All that means is that as an association member, you should see value from ABI.

Sometimes, phrases such as, “now, more than ever” can seem overblown. That is most certainly not the case at this time. In truth and in fact, now, more than ever, your support is the reason for ABI’s success. THANK YOU.