Hagenow: ABI is a valuable statehouse partner

January 10, 2016

Chris Hagenow
Iowa House Majority Leader

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI) has long served as an advocate for and steward of business interests, providing a unified voice for employers and employees at the Statehouse.

As a statewide organization with members in every county, ABI provides smart, reliable analyses of challenges facing businesses in many industries all across Iowa.

With more than 1,500 member companies representing over 300,000 employees, ABI‚Ä® is able to help lawmakers put a face on the important issues facing our state today.

ABI also takes it a step further, engaging members in the process, who then reach out to legislators directly and provide a greater understanding of how decisions made at the Capitol are affecting local businesses and their employees.

ABI members know they can rely on the organization to keep them informed on the issues that matter most to their businesses, as well as the lawmakers and candidates who understand the importance of creating a pro- business climate in Iowa.

The Legislature needs to have a thorough understanding of each proposal and its implications in order to make the best decisions for Iowans. ABI is an integral partner in this process, helping educate lawmakers on how proposed legislation will impact businesses and employees in their districts.