Make your IIPAC donation now to be recognized at the ABI conference

May 25, 2017 | Kirk Tyler | IIPAC Board Chair | Chairman and CEO, Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling

Friday is the last day to donate to IIPAC and receive a sticker on your name tag at the conference. Click here to make your contribution now.

Many of you are registered for ABI’s annual conference – a great networking and learning opportunity for business people in our state, who are making things happen and driving our Iowa economy every day. As an annual attendee myself and the current board chair of ABI’s political action committee, the Iowa Industry Political Action Committee (IIPAC), I wanted to highlight a few things about how ABI’s political and advocacy involvement will intersect with this year’s conference in Dubuque.

IIPAC contributors will be recognized at the conference with signage and the traditional sticker on their name badges. We want hundreds of your business colleagues to know that your important contribution helps elect pro-business legislators, regardless of party, who are willing to step up to advance the priorities you as ABI members say are important. Friday, May 26, is the last day to donate and be recognized.

Your investment matters. IIPAC had an amazingly successful 2016 election with a success rate of 95 percent IIPAC-endorsed candidates in the House and 100 percent in the Senate.

Those pro-business legislators hit the ground running during this past legislative session, which can be described as no less than historic in itself and for ABI. The workers’ compensation reform bill alone that ABI spearheaded, will save an estimated $39 million in workers compensation premiums in 2017. Your investment in IIPAC does matter.

Contributors who have made IIPAC a high priority will have access to multiple exclusive events at this year’s conference to show our gratitude for their strong support.

In closing, in my role as IIPAC chair I want to thank those individuals who have contributed to IIPAC this year, and to extend an invitation to those who have not yet done so to join us in enabling ABI to be the most effective business advocacy group in Iowa, and to join us at our annual conference in Dubuque.