Unlocking Opportunities: Maximize Employee Benefits with BuyABI's Partnership with Upper Iowa University!

November 17, 2023 | Theresa Rademacker, M.S. Center Director, Upper Iowa University

Are you looking to add a new benefit that is at no cost to your company? You already have one!  

Through the BuyABI partnership with Upper Iowa University (UIU), all ABI members are eligible to receive a $275 per course tuition grant for classes taken online or at one of our local centers. This special offer also extends to member employees, their spouses, and dependent children (up to age 26). 

More information about this great benefit can be found at uiu.edu/ABI.

UIU offers a wide variety of courses and programs for professionals to develop their skills and advance their careers in over 40 fields of study, including:

·     Supply Chain Management

·     Accounting

·     Master of Business Administration

·     Master of Science in Counseling

·     Teacher Education

·     ...and many more!

Upper Iowa University is HLC-accredited, non-profit, and prides itself on its annual awards and rankings. Our free application can be found at uiu.edu/apply

Spread the Good News

Do you need brochures for your office break room or handouts to include in your HR benefits package? Would you like to advertise this information on your website to retain and attract good employees? Join the hundreds of other organizations already doing this!

Please don't hesistate to ask! You can send requests to me via email. Help us spread the word to your friends and co-workers!

Learn more about UIU here.