Upcoming Election: Be Informed, Get Involved

September 3, 2020 | Mike Ralston

Mike Ralston, President, ABI

There is an old axiom that says once Labor Day is behind us, the political season begins. I am not sure that is accurate anymore, because it seems that the political season never ends. At any rate, there are roughly two months until Election Day and Labor Day are almost upon us, so the political season must be here.

In keeping with that fact, the board of directors governing ABI's PAC, the Iowa Industry Political Action Committee, met Tuesday at ABI. Members of the board worked through a full agenda and made decisions regarding several officials and candidates to receive IIPAC's "Friend of Iowa Business" endorsement. Those officials and candidates (both Democrats and Republicans) who are receiving endorsements have demonstrated their support for business, and IIPAC is proud to support them. 

To keep you posted on this and other election news, Vice President of Public Policy JD Davis, Director of Public Policy Brad Hartkopf, Communications Manager David Hildahl and Executive Administrative Assistant Michelle Vollstedt maintain several communications. You can find information in ABI’s weekly newsletter, in special elections publications available to IIPAC donors and in other forums.

You can also find valuable resources at another place on the web: IAVotes.com. There you will find information to help educate you and your employees on issues, on candidates and on ways to be involved. IAVotes is focused on nonpartisan advocacy and unlike IIPAC, does not support candidates. It seeks only to educate and inform.

Most importantly, contribute, support and help pro-business candidates. Encourage your employees to register and to vote. You cannot tell them for whom to vote, but you can share information about where candidates stand on the issues. Surveys indicate that your employees want to know this kind of information.

And if you haven't contributed to IIPAC, please do so NOW. I have, and so have ABI members (and ABI staff members) across Iowa. It's important!