ABI’s PAC Endorses Friends of Iowa Business

August 31, 2022 | Download PDF

DES MOINES—The Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s (ABI) political action committee (IIPAC) has announced its highly-anticipated Friends of Iowa Business endorsements for 2022.

“ABI’s political action committee IIPAC is proud to endorse these 68 individuals as Friends of Iowa Business”, said ABI PAC Board Chair Kirk Tyler. “These candidates are committed to advancing pro-growth policies and support providing more economic opportunity for all who live in our great state.”

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s PAC is proud to endorse incumbent legislators who supported getting Iowans both back to work and upskilled by voting to change Iowa’s unemployment system to a re-employment system.

“The business climate in Iowa has been transformed over the last number of years as the Governor and the Legislature have prioritized pro-jobs policies,” said ABI President Mike Ralston. “It’s vital that Iowans elect candidates who want to continue to move in this direction and make us even more competitive as a state.”

The association’s open and challenger seat endorsements reflect individuals who are committed to ensuring Iowans have the best quality of life and career opportunities. 

A list of the IIPAC-endorsed legislative candidates by district number follows. “I” indicates the candidate is an incumbent, “C” indicates the candidate is a challenger, and “O” indicates the candidate is running for an open seat.

Statewide Races


Kim Reynolds, I 

Secretary of State

Paul Pate, I

Attorney General

Brenna Bird, C


Roby Smith, C 

Secretary of Agriculture

Mike Naig, I

Iowa Senate

District 4: Tim Kraayenbrink, I

District 5: Dave Rowley, I

District 6: Jason Schultz, I

District 9: Tom Shipley, I

District 14: Jake Chapman, I

District 19: Ken Rozenboom, I

District 21: Mike Bousselot, O

District 23: Jack Whitver, I

District 27: Annette Sweeney, I

District 29: Sandy Salmon, O

District 30: Waylon Brown, I

District 33: Carrie Koelker, I

District 35: Chris Cournoyer, I

District 41: Kerry Gruenhagen, O

District 44: Adrian Dickey, I

District 46: Dawn Driscoll, I

District 47: Scott Webster, O

Iowa House

District 3: Tom Jeneary, I

District 4: Skyler Wheeler, I

District 6: Megan Jones, I

District 7: Mike Sexton, I

District 8: Ann Meyer, I

District 10: John Wills, I

District 12: Steve Holt, I

District 13: Ken Carlson, O

District 14: Jacob Bossman, I

District 15: Matt Windschitl, I

District 16: Dave Sieck, I

District 17: Devon Wood, O

District 18: Tom Moore, I

District 19: Brent Siegrist, I

District 23: Ray Sorensen, I

District 25: Hans Wilz, O

District 28: David Young, O

District 37: Barb Kniff McCulla, O

District 40: Bill Gustoff, O

District 41: Marvis Landon, O

District 42: Garrett Gobble, I

District 45: Brian Lohse, I

District 46: Dan Gehlbach, O

District 47: Carter Nordman, I

District 48: Phil Thompson, I

District 51: Dave Deyoe, I

District 53: Dean Fisher, I

District 54: Josh Meggers, O

District 55: Shannon Latham, I

District 57: Pat Grassley, I

District 60: Jane Bloomingdale, I

District 63: Michael Bergan, I

District 64: Anne Osmundson, I

District 65: Shannon Lundgren, I

District 66: Steven Bradley, I

District 67: Craig Johnson, O

District 68: Chad Ingels, I

District 69: Tom Determann, O

District 70: Norlin Mommsen, I

District 76: Derek Wulf, O

District 82: Bobby Kaufmann, I

District 83: Cindy Golding, O

District 84: Tom Gerhold, I

District 92: Heather Hora, O

District 93: Gary Mohr, I

District 95: Taylor Collins, O

The nonpartisan IIPAC Board, comprised of IIPAC investors who are also ABI members, makes the Friend of Iowa Business selections. The board encourages voters to consider these endorsements when evaluating where candidates stand on business issues.

Candidates are evaluated on their support for a competitive business climate and their focus on a regulatory climate conducive for job creation. Criteria included positions on issues based on interviews, stated approach to general business community concerns, voting records of incumbent candidates, and input from ABI members and IIPAC contributors.