2018 Gubernatorial update - who’s in, who’s out?

August 24, 2017

Several candidates have announced campaigns for Iowa’s 2018 Gubernatorial race. Though we are still 10 months from the primary, multiple candidates have either dropped out or have jumped in since our last update.

  • Republicans in the race
    • Kim Reynolds - Governor of Iowa
    • Ron Corbett - Mayor of Cedar Rapids
    • Steven Ray - City Councilman and Mayor Pro-Tem of Boone announced his campaign in July
  • Democrats in the race
    • Nate Boulton - State Senator and labor attorney
    • Fred Hubbell - Retired businessman
    • Andy McGuire - Former party chair
    • John Norris - Former aide to Governor Vilsack
    • Jon Neiderbach - Former Des Moines School Board member
    • Cathy Glasson - SEIU activist
    • Ross Wilburn - Former Mayor of Iowa City
  • Democrats out of the race
    • Rich Leopold - Former DNR Director suspended his campaign in June
    • Mike Matson - Davenport Alderman who suspended his campaign in July
    • Todd Prichard - Three-term State Representative and attorney ended his campaign for governor this month and instead will seek re-election for the Iowa House
  • Libertarians in the race
    • Jake Porter - Business consultant who announced his campaign in July
  • Independents in the race
    • Brent Roske - Filmmaker