2018 Legislative Session Issue Preview: Water Quality

December 7, 2017

Water quality legislation has been discussed as a priority for several years. This session could see additional action on bills aimed at implementing the nutrient reduction strategy and funding water quality infrastructure.

ABI has established policy regarding water quality, its connection with quality of life and accountability for funding. Additionally, some industries are listed as point sources in the nutrient reduction strategy aimed at reducing nitrogen and phosphorus in Iowa waters and must comply with it to help achieve nutrient reductions.

Last session, the Senate and House advanced separate bills with different components and approaches to fund water quality efforts in Iowa. ABI has been active on this legislation since 2016 working to get industry included. In 2017, the House bill included industry as a potential partner in watershed projects, grants and loans. The Senate bill addressed other nonpoint and point source stakeholders, but did not include industry. Although both chambers passed their respective bills and discussion continued down to the wire in the waning hours of the 2017 session, no resolution was reached.

We expect to see water quality legislation on the table for discussion this session and potentially early in the session. The Senate bill remains a live round for debate in 2018, or the issue could end up in conference committee. ABI will keep you informed as this issue unfolds during 2018.