ABI Attends ARRC

July 11, 2019

Brad Hartkopf, director of public policy, and Drew Wynes, coordinator of public policy, went to the Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) meeting on Tuesday. There were several rules of interest to ABI members that were discussed. The rules the association heard about during the meeting included the Skilled Workforce Grant program and the Last-Dollar Scholarship program, which are two key components of the Future Ready Iowa initiative. The noticed rules set up definitions and lay out parameters for the programs. During the meeting, there was some discussion about the eligibility of the program from community colleges and a desire to address the issue during the next legislative session. Another notice rule considered before the committee included ARC 4505C, which is designed to facilitate the implementation of the broadband portion of the Empower Rural Iowa Act. You can see the full list of rules agencies brought before the committee. Contact Brad Hartkopf or Drew Wynes if you have any questions.