ABI Environment Committee Meets

November 1, 2018

Some members of the environment committee met this week to discuss innovative approaches to air permitting in other states. The ABI public policy team updated members on some key issues happening at the DNR right now, including the air quality client contact meeting next week. If you would like more information about the client contact meeting or have feedback to share with ABI in advance, contact Brad Hartkopf.

In addition to the work at ABI, the DNR air quality bureau is also moving forward with an update to the permit application system. We learned through a press release earlier this week that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has entered into a contract with enfoTech & Consulting, Inc. to develop a new electronic air permitting application system. The DNR expects the system to be online by Dec. 1, 2019, for Title V and construction permit applicants.

The new application will replace an archaic system that is essentially obsolete. According to the DNR, the new electronic system will increase the turnaround time in the permitting process and will allow businesses to receive those permits through a cheaper and more accurate application process. Next spring, stakeholders will have a chance to preview the system and the opportunity to test it next summer. The system is funded via a 2018 appropriation that ABI supported during the legislative session. Check out the DNR’s eAirServices webpage for more information.