ABI member participation needed: Iowa Workforce Development Board

August 17, 2017

ABI is seeking member volunteers to apply to serve on the reorganized Workforce Development Board. The composition of the board has changed dramatically due to result of HF572 being passed and signed into law this past legislative session. Individuals who serve as business representatives must be employed by companies who have in-demand industry sectors or occupations.  

  • The board is comprised of representatives from business, labor, community-based organizations, registered apprenticeship program, local and state elected officials, state agency core partners, and nonvoting members.
  • There are now 33 voting members on the board compared to the previous 9.
  • Business representation jumps from 4 to 17 individuals, which is now a majority of voting members.  The chair of the board must also be a representative of business.
  • The positions are appointed by the Governor and must be confirmed by the Senate. The board is also balanced by political, gender and geographic boundaries.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Workforce Development Board, please contact Nicole Crain at ncrain@iowaabi.org for more information. You may also apply online at: https://openup.iowa.gov.