ABI Political Efforts Ramping Up, IIPAC Endorsements to Be Released Soon

August 23, 2018

Last week, the board of ABI’s political action committee, IIPAC, met to review candidates and make Friend of Iowa Business Endorsements. Information is now being finalized, and the endorsements will be released in the coming weeks. Beginning in September, ABI will send a weekly Election Update newsletter to help you and your colleagues prepare for the November 6 election, with exclusive content, political information and insights for businesses and their employees.  

Click here to be on the list to receive the Friend of Iowa Business Endorsements and to sign up for this informative election newsletter.

You can also learn more about getting involved with Employee Voter Registration Week here. The Iowa business community has an opportunity to affect change this November, but you need to take action to help inform your employees. Commit to vote and commit to get involved during this election cycle!