ABI Releases 88th General Assembly Voting Records

July 23, 2020

ABI is pleased to unveil our legislative voting records for the 88th General Assembly. Votes on a number of key issues from 2019 and 2020 were scored to determine how legislators fared. In the Senate, there were two senators who had 100% pro-jobs voting records. Twenty-eight senators scored at least 90% or better with ABI. On the House side, 43 representatives obtained a 100% pro-jobs voting record, while 53 representatives supported ABI’s position on the selected bills at least 90% of the time. Some of the bills that were evaluated include: Empower Rural Iowa, Business Liability Protection and workers’ compensation idiopathic falls. It’s important to consider how your legislator voted on business issues when determining who you are going to vote for in the fall. ABI appreciates all of the legislators who supported pro-business, pro-jobs legislation this general assembly. For complete historical information on how your legislator voted, click on their name. Legislative vote records is just one resource IAVotes.com provides to Iowans.