Action Alert: Protect Private Property Rights

March 14, 2019

Several members of ABI who attended Iowa Business Day on the Hill spent the morning talking to their elected officials about key legislative issues including Future Ready Iowa funding, Empower Rural Iowa and workers’ compensation legislation.

Many companies also talked to legislators about their concern with HF 636 and SF 459, which would prohibit employers from having a policy that keeps guns out of the parking lot. Current law is silent on the issue, so if an employer doesn’t have a policy, the employee can bring their firearm to work and leave it locked and out of sight in their vehicle.

This legislation has lots of support in the Iowa House and Senate, and we need your help to stop the legislation. We encourage you to contact your legislator. You can call them, write them a letter or use a sample of some of the language we have drafted for you here. If you have other colleagues who are concerned about the bill, please share the link with them. Remember, the best messages are those that are specific to your company and situation. If you would prefer not to send an email, you can always call and share your story.

Iowa Business Day on the Hill was also 2nd Amendment Day on the Hill, and legislators were hearing from both sides of the issue. If you couldn’t make it to the Capitol, we ask that you please contact your legislator today. These bills have a good chance of moving soon, so we need your voice to stop the legislation.