Administrative Rules Committee Objects to Utility Rule

November 14, 2019

ABI Director, Public Policy Brad Hartkopf attended the monthly administrative rules review committee on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Highlights from the meeting include notice rule ARC 4688C. It rescinds a rule that is no longer applicable due to Gov. Reynolds signing HF 668, which relates to regulatory reform within Iowa’s three-tier system for alcohol. The committee also signed off on filed emergency rule ARC 4724C, which implements the Disaster Recovery Housing Program. It was a component of the Empower Rural Iowa Act. One of the last rules on the agenda dealt with the Iowa Utilities Board issuing a rule that affects electric vehicle charging services. The debate lasted more than an hour, and at the end the ARRC objected to the rule. This action removes the presumption of validity of the rule and shifts the burden to the regulatory agency implementing the rule should it be challenged in court.