Administrative Rules Review Committee approves two key rules

August 10, 2017

This summer, ABI public policy staff has been busy reviewing state agency rules. Each month the legislative Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) meets to discuss and take action on proposed rules. Last Friday, ABI Public Policy Coordinator Brad Hartkopf attended the the ARRC meeting where several rules of interest to Iowa businesses were considered.

The first rule of interest is ARC 3209 noticed by the Department of Public Health. The purpose of the rule is to implement legislation that was passed and signed earlier this year allowing employers to use hair for drug testing prospective employees. The rule makes amendments to conform Iowa Administrative Code to state law by adding hair to the definition of sample and it also updates references to forensic drug testing.

The second rule, ARC 3155 was filed by the Economic Development Authority. It reduces the maximum amount an employer may receive from the state for the STEM internship program. The cap is now $50,000 per company instead of $100,000. The purpose of this is to increase the number of employers who are able to take advantage of this program.

There were also several rules proposed by Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) that contain amendments to current rules and reflect changes and modernization of communication. The rules help provide clarity and simplification for claimants and employers when interacting with the department. Several of the rules are also focused on preventing and limiting unemployment insurance fraud. All ABI members pay unemployment insurance and it is important the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund is sustainable and IWD’s efforts to limit fraud will benefit the Trust Fund.