Air Quality News: No Fee Changes and Contracts to be Discussed

June 14, 2018

The DNR Air Quality Bureau has announced there will be no air quality fee changes for Fiscal Year 2019, which begins on July 1. Fees are assessed for Title V emissions, applications for initial and renewal Title V operating permits, applications for new source review construction permits, asbestos renovation notifications and asbestos demolitions notifications. You can find more information on air quality fees here. ABI works closely with the DNR Air Quality Bureau to ensure the fees businesses pay are used effectively and that businesses work to receive their permits in an efficient and timely fashion.

Several air quality contracts will be discussed at next week’s Environmental Protection Commission meeting and at the Client Contact Group meeting this Thursday. The Commission and the Client Contact Group meet numerous times throughout the year. On the agenda for next week are multiple air quality contracts including one between the University of Iowa State Hygienic Lab and the Air Quality Bureau, a contract with a vendor to create a new online permitting system for businesses, contracts with Linn and Polk County in regards to their local air quality divisions and a contract with the University of Northern Iowa in regard to its Iowa Air Emission Assistance Program: Small Business Assistance Program. ABI will be in attendance at both meetings.