Anti-Business Bills Advance

February 14, 2019

This week, ABI attended several subcommittees on behalf of ABI members and spoke about the effect of proposals on Iowa’s business climate. HF 298, legislation that would increase costs and restrict the ability of staffing agencies to do business in Iowa with nursing facilities, advanced in a Human Resources subcommittee. Thursday afternoon ABI attended a subcommittee on SF 234 regarding adoption leave being the same as maternity leave. The ABI public policy team talked about some of the challenges and differences with the type of benefits ABI members have for employees. Senator Zaun, the sponsor of the legislation, committed to working with ABI and others to come to a solution all interests can support.

ABI also attended and spoke against SF 213, which relates to employees bringing weapons to the employer’s property. The legislation includes volunteers and contractors under the definition of employer and does not provide any liability protection. ABI was one of the few organizations that spoke in opposition. The legislation advanced and is expected to move through the Senate Judiciary Committee. The House has a more expansive proposal regarding weapons on certain premises, and we expect to see a subcommittee on that bill soon. Both of the bills have the potential to advance, as the bills are a priority for second amendment supporters.