'Ban the Box' ordinance being discussed

October 22, 2015

The Waterloo City Council is considering an ordinance that would prohibit employers from asking about criminal history on an initial job application. It is the latest in a series of efforts by local governments that are causing challenges for businesses. The Waterloo proposal, known as the “Ban the Box” ordinance, could appear on the City Council agenda as soon as Monday, according to ABI board member Steve Dust, executive director of the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance. Ban the Box has also become a top issue in the city’s mayor race.

Several large businesses have voluntarily eliminated the question regarding felony convictions from their application form. ABI has a long-standing policy against employer mandates, and this is another example of a hurdle for employers. The Waterloo effort is part of a larger movement. Information about other cities and states that have taken this action can be found at www.banthebox.org. If you are a Waterloo employer, contact your city council member to take action.

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