Be an Informed Voter

October 25, 2018

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With only 12 days until Election Day 2018, it’s important to know who is on the ballot and be an informed voter. Each election cycle the names at the top of the ticket get a lot of attention from media, political organizations and the public. However, there are several other candidates on the ballot that will affect your daily life. Whether it's candidates for state legislature, county hospital trustees or judicial retention, it makes sense to research the candidates prior to voting.

There are a few ways for you to be an informed voter—six, actually, according to this infographic. Remember, Iowa no longer has a straight party option. Therefore, whether you vote early or on Election Day, we also hope you will pledge to vote down the ballot this November. For more information about who is on the ballot or to educate your colleagues, check out the Election Center on For more information or resources, please contact Nicole Crain.