Bills pass out of both chambers

April 9, 2015

Several bills ABI has been watching this session passed out of the full House or Senate this week, including:

  • House File 606 - Allows the Department of Transporation to contract with a third party vendor to collect a vehicle insurance information and maintain a database of Iowa drivers who do and do not have a vehicle insurance policy. Would penalize those who do not have vehicle insurance. Bill passed House 75-23, messaged to Senate. 
  • Senate File 486 - Allows the board of directors of a community college area, in certain circumstances, to extend an expiring tax levy to fund building or improvements to the community college. Bill passed Senate 43-7, assigned to House Ways and Means Committee
  • House File 172 - Conforms with model non-profit corporation acts and includes changes related to non-profit executives, including the duty to disclose. Passed Senate 50-0 and now goes to the Governor for signature.
  • Senate File 485 - Allows school districts to exceed a statutory rate for a school's property, plant, and equipment levy if the school has previously refinanced a loan agreement to achieve a lower rate. Bill passed the Senate 48-0, mesaged to House.
  • House File 421 - Allows those who have taught career and technical courses at the high school level to use that teaching experience to qualify to teach at the community college level. Passed the Senate 48-0, will go to the Governor for signature.