Bouncing budgets

May 7, 2015

The first week of overtime for the Legislature included debate on several appropriation and policy issues. Many of the budget bills mentioned in last week’s newsletter have been sent back and considered by the other chamber. The standings bill is the only budget bill that hasn’t been introduced. This is considered the catch-all legislation to those in the lobby. The standings bill includes many pieces of policy that did not clear legislative hurdles for one reason or another. Stay tuned for more information on budgets.

Here’s the latest information on the budget bills:

  • HF 637 -Transportation - Passed House/Passed Senate
  • HF 650 - Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund - Passed House/Passed Senate Approps
  • HF 659 - Administration and Regulation Appropriations - Passed House/Passed Senate
  • SF 494 - Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations - Conference Committee
  • SF 499 - Economic Development/Workforce Appropriations - Conference Committee
  • HF 658 - Education Appropriations - Passed House/Passed Senate
  • SF 496 - Judicial Branch Appropriations - Conference Committee
  • SF 497 - Justice Systems Appropriations - Conference Committee
  • SF 505 - Health and Human Services - Passed Senate/In House Appropriations