Budget Bills Begin to Move as Legislature Eyes Adjournment

April 9, 2021

The Iowa House and Senate advanced a number of budget bills through the legislative process this week as the General Assembly has taken significant steps towards moving closer to adjourning the 2021 legislative session. Committees in both chambers moved legislation that will act as vehicles for negotiations between the House and Senate as they look to craft a budget for Fiscal Year 2022.

In addition to the budget, there are still a number of significant policy items that have yet to be debated. Late nights of debate are likely to come over the course of the next few weeks. The 110th day of session is April 30, which is when per diem expenses for lawmakers end and encourages lawmakers to wrap up the session. 
You can view the budget bills that moved this week below:

The Legislature also moved a number of other pertinent pieces of legislation as well this week. The highlights are provided below.

SF 587 - On Tuesday, the Senate passed a significant piece of tax legislation that does a number of things, including eliminating the mental health property tax levy and shifting that funding stream to the state. It phases out and ultimately eliminates the commercial and industrial property tax backfill. The bill eliminates tax triggers that were included in the 2018 law.
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HF 775 - Also on Tuesday, the Senate approved bipartisan legislation that creates criminal penalties for those who trespass on private property and knowingly install or place an electronic surveillance device used to record images or data on the property. Penalties would also apply to those who commit unauthorized sampling as defined in the bill. It will have to go back to the House for final approval as there was a technical amendment adopted during the debate on this in the Senate.
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HF 523 - A Senate Ways & Means Subcommittee unanimously approved legislation that will allow counties to more easily create bonds for infrastructure that is aimed at mitigating flooding. The bill has already passed the House unanimously.
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