Budget bills begin to move - still no agreement on spending

April 30, 2015

The 110th day of session and the day when legislators’ per diem ends is tomorrow. Legislators will continue working until budgets are finalized. The Legislature has made some forward progress on the state budget this week as both the House and Senate passed their versions of spending bills for the first time. The bills will be amended in the opposite chamber and procedural actions will need to take place before the bills will be sent to conference committee. The next few weeks will include several hours of “wait and see” for those in the lobby followed by brief moments of action. Here is the current status of appropriations bills:

HF 637 -Transportation - Passed House/In Senate Appropriations

HF 650 - Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund - Passed House

HF 659 - Administration and Regulation Appropriations - Passed House

SF 494 - Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations - Passed Senate/Passed House Committee

SF 499 - Economic Development/Workforce Appropriations - Passed Senate

SF 498 - Administration and Regulation Appropriations - Passed Senate

SF 493 - Education Appropriations - Passed Senate

SF 496 - Judicial Branch Appropriations - Passed Senate

SF 497 - Justice Systems Appropriations - Passed Senate