Certified Candidate List Published – Not Without Protests

March 29, 2018

Secretary of State Paul Pate published the certified candidate list on Wednesday. However, before the candidates could be certified, some had to overcome petition objections. Two high-profile candidates were not certified to be on the primary ballot. Former Speaker of the House Ron Corbett fell eight valid signatures short of qualifying for the Republican primary ballot as a viable candidate for Governor. Theresa Greenfield, the national Democrats choice in the 3rd Congressional District to take on incumbent Congressman David Young, failed to make the ballot due to her campaign manager’s forgery of signatures on her initial petition. Both candidates did not make the ballot. However, several other candidates did qualify for the primary election on June 5, 2018. You can see the full list here. ABI will provide members with resources to educate employees about the importance of voting in the primary and general elections. Stay tuned for more information and updates at www.iavotes.com.

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