Chief Justice Seeks ABI Feedback about Iowa Business Specialty Court

August 2, 2018

In his weekly memo, ABI President Mike Ralston included a request for feedback about the Iowa Business Specialty Court. The specialty court was established in 2012 to expeditiously move business or complex commercial litigation through the court system. As of 2018, 57 cases have used the business court. The court is considering a change in the criteria by which a case can move to the business court. The current criteria can be found here. The proposed change would allow one party (instead of all parties) to file an application to transfer the case to the business court. You can find more information here. Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady would like feedback from ABI members on this proposed change. If you have comments to share, please contact Molly Kottmeyer, counsel to the chief justice, at or 515-348-4965.