Employer Innovation Fund and Radiation Fees Considered at ARRC

June 13, 2019

Every month throughout the year, the Administrative Rules Review Committee meets at the Capitol to consider rules proposed by agencies in the executive branch. The rules are typically put forward to implement the bills passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor. ABI staff usually attends the monthly meeting to ensure rules that will affect ABI members are not more stringent than the law allows. Two rules of interest to ABI members last week included the Employer Innovation Fund and Radiological Health Fees.

The Employer Innovation Fund is a key component of the Future Ready Iowa Program, and the rule establishes parameters that businesses and non-profit organizations need to meet to qualify for some of the $1.2 million. Gov. Reynolds this week encouraged applicants as the deadline is August 1. The other rule, ARC 4446C, would substantially increase fees for businesses that have radiation machines or radioactive materials. An example would be fixed or portable gauges. The most common is X-ray machines used in the medical field. A public hearing will be held on the rule on Monday, June 17. Other rules of interest included filed rule ARC 4453C, which relates to the water quality financing program under IFA and notice rule ARC 4421C that renews the General Permit No. 6 for discharge of wastewater associated with well construction activities. Please contact Nicole Crain or Brad Hartkopf if you have any questions about the meeting or the rules listed above.