Employment Legislation Advances in House and Senate

February 1, 2018

The House Labor Committee on Wednesday advanced legislation that goes into Iowa Code Chapter 91A. It will clarify that employers who provide their employees with access to electronic pay stubs are in compliance with the Iowa code. The intent of the bill is to clarify employers who provide it via secure electronic means, even if the employee does not have access to a printer, is in compliance with the law. The bill provides the option for an employee who cannot access the stub electronically to notify the employer in writing, and the employer will then provide the pay stub in one of the other means. The original bill–HF 2019­–was amended, so a new bill will be available soon. ABI position: Undecided. ABI staff contact: Nicole Crain.

A subcommittee of the Iowa Senate Labor Committee on Wednesday advanced SF 2110. The legislation defines misconduct and would disqualify employees from receiving unemployment benefits if they are discharged due to misconduct. The bill would also prevent Iowa Workforce Development from considering an employer’s past disciplinary action prior to the dismissal of the employee. The legislation is controversial with labor groups opposing the legislation and business groups supporting the intent of the legislation. The chair of the subcommittee, Sen. Chapman, stated he is open to changes, both expanding the legislation but also better defining the definition of misconduct. ABI position: Support. Staff contact: Nicole Crain.