Employment Legislation Under Consideration at the Capitol

January 27, 2022

Governor Reynolds’ Workforce Legislation

The legislation for Gov. Kim Reynolds’ proposal to address workforce priorities has been filed and passed out of the House Labor Committee. Read the breakdown about the legislation here.

HF 2131 (Formerly HSB 511): Increasing Child Care Slots

The House Human Resources Committee passed legislation that will allow for an increase of the number of young children that may be watched by an individual child care worker. The legislation, which was a recommendation by Governor Reynolds’ Child Care Task Force, seeks to expand the number of childcare slots available. A key issue under ABI’s workforce priority is to support innovative solutions and incentives to help businesses and employees overcome barriers to employment, such as childcare. We expect a number of other childcare bills to be considered this year as well. 

ABI Position: Support

HSB 541/SSB 3046: Last Dollar Scholarship Expansion

House and Senate Education Subcommittees advanced legislation that expands eligibility for those seeking to qualify for a last dollar scholarship under the Future Ready Iowa program. The bills would allow those who enroll part-time in an academic year to now be eligible for a scholarship. 

ABI Position: Support

SF 496: Prohibiting Low-Wage Noncompete Agreements

The House Commerce Committee approved legislation that would null and void any noncompete agreement where an individual would earn a monthly wage that is less than or equal to $14.50 an hour. The bill passed the Senate unanimously last year. Proponents of the bill view this issue as expanding economic mobility and opportunities for those making low wages. ABI has worked to ensure the language is at a point where the association can be neutral. 

ABI Position: Undecided

SF 339: Mandatory E-Verify

A Senate Judiciary Subcommittee had signed off on legislation in late January that would mandate all businesses in Iowa to use the federal e-verify system. This perennial bill would impose severe penalties on businesses including revoking all business licenses for an entity that commits a second violation. ABI has additional concerns about the legislation including the contracting language in it and the ability of a member of the public to file a complaint against any business. The bill passed the full Judiciary Committee on Feb. 2, 2022.

ABI Position: Against

SF 485: Pregnancy Accommodations

  • A proposed state law that would require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for employees based on pregnancy or childbirth advanced out of subcommittee this week.

ABI Position: Against

SF 355: Copies of Employee Files

  • SF 355 would require an employer to provide an employee with one copy of the employee’s personnel file at no cost. This could be administered electronically. It passed out of the Senate State Government Committee with an amendment.

ABI Position: Neutral

SF 2143: Guns in Employer Parking Lots

  • Lawmakers from the Senate advanced SF 2143 during a subcommittee meeting. The bill provides that an employer must not prohibit an employee “from carrying, transporting, or possessing a firearm or ammunition” if the firearm or ammunition is out of sight and locked inside the employee’s car on the employer’s property. An employee would include a contract employee or volunteer.

ABI Position: Against