Employment Mandates Advance in the Legislative Process

February 9, 2023

A couple of perennial mandates saw action this week at the Capitol.

HF 114 requires employers to provide the same kinds of benefits and policies to newly adoptive parents that employers give to parents of newborn biological children. The bill affects children 0-6 and ensures disability leave is not permitted unless the employee has a disability that is covered under the employer’s disability policies. It passed the House Judiciary Committee and is now funnel proof.

A House subcommittee signed off on HSB 105 which is legislation that would mandate employers utilize the federal e-verify system when hiring individuals. ABI is opposed to the bill for a number of reasons including the fact that any member of the public can file a complaint with Iowa Workforce Development if they believe an employer hired someone illegally. The penalties in the legislation are also draconian as a second violation in the bill would revocate all business licenses for that particular business in the state. Though the bill advanced, it is unlikely to be considered in the full House Judiciary Committee. There is a companion bill that has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and is now funnel proof.