Energy Legislation Update

March 22, 2018

The Iowa Legislature is currently considering two proposals related to energy policy. The first is SF 2311, which you have read about in past newsletters. Several ABI members from industrial companies and utility representatives spoke earlier in the week about key provisions and questions about the legislation. The bill is still waiting debate in the Iowa House. The other bill, SSB 3078, speaks specifically to energy efficiency programs currently mandated by Iowa law. At the subcommittee, the bill manager, Sen. Feenstra, mentioned there would be an amendment. The amendment would cap energy efficiency programs at 2% for electric and 1.5% for natural gas. The amendment would also require the fee to be disclosed on the utility bill that customers receive. The future of both pieces of legislation is unclear at this time, but ABI continues to receive feedback from members and attend meetings where the issues are being discussed. If you have questions or comments, please contact Nicole Crain.