Federal coupling bill passes House

January 28, 2016

A bill to couple Iowa’s tax law with the federal changes for calendar year 2015 passed the Iowa House with a large bipartisan majority (82-14) on Thursday. HF 2092 couples with all the federal tax provisions except bonus depreciation. However, the coupling is only for one year. If Iowa is to couple in the future a bill will be necessary next legislative session as well. The bill now moves to the Iowa Senate.

Members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee heard from Director of Management David Roederer and the Department of Revenue as to why Gov. Terry Branstad is not recommending coupling for tax year 2015. Indications received from the Iowa Senate is that the Senate will agree with Branstad and recommend not coupling this year. If you want to contact your State Senator and voice your support for this bill, you can find your legislator’s contact information here.

Staff contact: Nicole Crain