Federal Spotlight: Biden’s Budget Proposal via Axios Article

March 31, 2022

President Joe Biden recently released a $5.8 trillion budget proposal. President Biden has requested $2.2 billion to be invested in the Department of Labor’s worker protection agencies, and adds $100 million for community colleges to work with the public workforce development agencies, as well as employers, to promote high-quality training programs. Another $303 million – an increase above what was passed in $118 million – targets registered apprenticeships in technology, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. President Biden’s budget also sets $3.4 billion to fund fraud prevention efforts. The Administration is also focused on “improving benefit levels and access, scaling UI benefits automatically during recessions, expanding eligibility to reflect the modern labor force, improving State and Federal solvency through more equitable and progressive financing, expanding reemployment services, and safeguarding the program from fraud.”

ABI will continue to monitor the developments of this budget and ongoing discussions on these proposals.