Federal Spotlight: Sign congressional delegation letter supporting trade

May 14, 2015

ABI President Mike Ralston and several ABI member companies and organizations participated in an international roundtable hosted by Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds last Friday. Several members of the Branstad administration, Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey and members of the business and agriculture community in Iowa discussed the importance of the passage of Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans Pacific-Partnership to Iowa’s economy.

Participants highlighted the large amount of Iowa manufactured goods and commodities that are exported each year and the increased levels of trade that occured following passage of current free trade agreements.

State leaders are coordinating a letter to Iowa’s Congressional Delegation and asking Iowa businesses to sign on in support of free trade. ABI is signing on to the letter as are many members. Click here to read the letter. ContactNicole if you would like to sign on. The deadline to sign on is Friday, May 15 at NOON.

Senate Democrats blocked a vote on the fast track legislation Tuesday but agreed to move forward after Republican leaders moved ahead with a separate enforcement bill on Thursday, according to the Washington Post

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