Final 2018 Priority and Policies Now on ABI Website

December 7, 2017

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry's 2018 priority and policies are now available on ABI’s website. Following one of the most successful legislative sessions for the business community in recent memory, ABI saw record participation in our public policy process this summer from members who are looking to build on the results achieved in 2017.

After five public policy committee meetings and approval from the legislative committee and board of directors, ABI’s top legislative priority for the 2018 legislative session is workforce. Whether it’s a small, medium or large business in Iowa, the number one thing we hear from employers is increasing our skilled workforce is key to growing their businesses and the economy as a whole.

ABI’s public policy team will be working to ensure that measures that seek to improve and expand Iowa’s skilled workforce are enacted into law next year. Check out ABI’s full statement on our legislative priority and entire policy handbook, and see how your legislators voted during the 2017 legislative session.