Focus on ABI Policy Committees: Economic Growth

July 20, 2017

Leading up to our ABI policy committees in late summer, we have been highlighting each of ABI’s five policy committees so you know more about the mission and purview of each one. These committees steer the direction of ABI’s policy agenda each legislative session. This week’s profile on ABI’s Economic Growth Committee is the final committee highlight. You can our other highlights in past issues. To sign up for a public policy committee, email Dorothy Knowles, Click here to register for the Economic Growth Committee meeting on Aug. 15. Click here to see all the upcoming committee meetings and to register.

Economic Growth Committee Mission Statement: To advocate for economic growth policies that foster the prosperity of Iowa through the successful investment and development of new and existing business and industry. Vigorous economic growth results from a superior business, regulatory, and tax climate, as well as a safe, reliable and energy-efficient infrastructure. To improve the competitiveness of Iowa’s business climate, federal and state government must work in partnership with business, industry, capital sources, education, and agriculture.

Current Chair: Russ Cross, Wells Fargo

Issues handled by this committee:

  •         Economic growth incentives
  •         Broadband infrastructure
  •         Transportation
  •         Energy Policy
  •         Government purchasing
  •         Immigration

Recent Successes: Last session, ABI worked to inform legislators about the impacts of proposed significant tax credit cuts, and the legislation did not move forward. ABI was a proponent of legislation that helped Iowa manufacturers competitively bid for state agency business.

Next Meeting: Looking to 2018, the committee will look to update its policies and hear from Debi Durham, director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The meeting is set for Aug. 15. Click here to sign up.