Funnel Watch: Bills receive consideration two weeks from deadline

March 16, 2017

Several bills were considered on the floors of the House and Senate this week as legislators continue thier work with two weeks until the next funnel deadline. Here are a few of the bills ABI has been following that advanced this week:

HF 529: This bill conforms Iowa OSHA penalties to the federal government’s OSHA penalties. The language will mean a substantial increase for employers who receive OSHA penalties. The bill passed the House 95-0.

SF 32: This legislation allows for the use of hair when drug testing employees. The House Labor Committee passed this bill along party lines Wednesday. The bill already passed the Senate with bipartisan support.
ABI position: For

SF 331: The bill works to eliminate duplicative gas and electric utility energy efficiency reports to the Iowa Utilities Board. The bill passed the House 95-0. The bill has already passed the Iowa Senate and now heads to the Gov. Terry Branstad’s desk.
ABI position: For

HF 521: This bill makes modifications to alcohol regulation in the state. Among the changes in this legislation approved by the House Ways & Means Committee are to allow distillers to sell liquor by the drink, create fees for licenses for distillers who choose to sell liquor by the drink, and lifting the cap on production of alcohol currently imposed on distillers.
ABI position: For

SF 438: A House subcommittee has signed off on this legislation that pertains to project labor agreements. It would ban the use of these agreements on public projects. The bill has already passed the Senate.
ABI position: For

HF 215: The legislation requires employers with 50 or more employees to cover applied behavior analysis for children with autism. The bill passed the House on Wednesday 96-0.
ABI position: Against

HF 538: This water quality legislation that allows industry to access low interest loans and aa grant program to help address Iowa’s nutrient reduction strategy. The bill passed the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday.