Funnel Watch: Other bills moving forward

March 23, 2017

Most bills need to have passed one chamber and a committee in the other chamber by March 31 in order to remain alive this session.

HF 539: Conforms Iowa’s Civil Rights code with that of federal law as it relates to when an individual can pursue private action. The bill also eliminates the restriction that the Civil Rights Commission must wait two years before issuing a release to an administratively closed release. ABI Position: For

HF 295: Preempts local governments from implementing own wage and benefit policies that differ from the state. The bill passed the Senate State Government Committee Wednesday and is now eligible for the full floor debate. It is expected this bill will be debated early next week, before a Polk County wage increase goes into effect on April 1. ABI Position: For

SF 1: This bill codifies an executive order that requires a jobs impact statement when administrative rules are handed down. The bill passed the House Commerce Committee on Tuesday. It has already passed the Senate. ABI Position: For

SF 438: The legislation bans the use of project labor agreements for public construction projects, helping protect taxpayers by making sure the best qualified contractors are selected at a competitive rate. The legislation also codifies an executive order. The bill passed the House Labor Committee on Wednesday. SF 438 has already passed the Senate. ABI Position: For

HF 314: This bill adds definitions to the Iowa Code concerning the phrases “utility maintenance vehicle” and “utility services.” The Senate Transportation Committee approved this bill Wednesday. HF 314 has already passed the House. ABI Position: For

SF 403: The bill specifically adds equipment rental property to the definition of theft in state code. This change increases the penalties for committing the act and encourages those who rent equipment to return it. SF 403 passed out of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. The legislation has already passed the Senate. ABI Position: Undecided