Funnel week status report

March 30, 2017

Tomorrow marks the second funnel deadline for the Iowa Legislature. Most bills must have passed out of one chamber and a committee in the other chamber to remain eligible for debate. Bills that go through the Ways & Means, Appropriations and Government Oversight committees are exempt from funnel deadlines. Here is a list of bills important to Iowa businesses that are still alive.

HF 215: This bill mandates applied behavioral analysis coverage for individuals with autism. It applies to health insurance plans with 50 or more employees.

Passed the House and Senate and the governor is expected to sign the bill today.
ABI position: Against

SF 274: This is the governor’s computer science bill. The bill encourages schools to adopt computer science education by providing incentives. P

Passed the Senate and advanced through the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday. The bill is now eligible for debate in the House.
ABI position: For

HF 607: This bill allows distilleries to sell individual servings on site and raises the cap on how many gallons of alcohol can be produced by the distillery.

Passed the House on Tuesday and has been introduced to the Ways and Means Committee in the Senate.
ABI position: For

HF 612/SF 482: The bills address Iowa’s nutrient reduction strategy. The House bill includes industry at the table as a partner to address water quality through a grant program and revolving loan fund aimed at reducing nutrients.

The Senate has some of the same components, but does not include industry as a partner.  Both bill address non-point source nutrient reduction.

The Senate bill has passed the Natural Resources Committee and is currently in the Appropriations Committee. The House bill has passed the Agriculture and Ways & Means committees. It is currently in the Appropriations Committee.
ABI position: Undecided

SF 413: This bill addresses statute of repose by shortening the amount of time statute of repose can be brought forward concerning real property. The legislation does provide for a few exceptions.

The bill has passed both chambers and awaits the governor’s signature.
ABI position: For

HF 251/SF 260:  These identical bills address trespass liability and codify common law as it concerns the liability of trespassers.

The Senate has passed its bill and the House has moved its bill through committee. It is eligible for debate in the House.
ABI position:  For

HF 69: This bill increases the penalty for trespassing and makes trespassing a scheduled fine.  

The bill has passed the House and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill is now eligible for debate in the Senate.  
ABI Position: For

SF 32: This bill allows employers to use hair for drug testing employees.

Passed the Senate and passed the House Labor Committee. The bill is eligible for debate in the House.
ABI position: For

SF 438: This legislation would prevent local and state governments from mandating the use of project labor agreements for public construction projects.

Passed the Senate and the House Labor Committee. It is eligible for debate in the House.
ABI position: For

SF 356/HF 478: The Senate bill makes permanent the Property Assessment Appeals Board. It also makes changes to how an appeal is filed. The House bill also makes permanent the board, but has a few differences from the Senate bill.

The House bill has passed. The Senate bill is eligible for debate.
ABI position: For