Future Ready Iowa Appropriation Legislation Introduced

February 21, 2019

ABI’s priority in 2019 is once again workforce. This week the House released HSB 179, which includes full funding for the Future Ready Iowa Initiative as passed by the Legislature in 2018. The funding, among other items, includes $17.2 million for the Last Dollar Scholarship and $1.2 million for the Iowa Employer Innovation Fund, which will help encourage public-private partnerships around the state. The Iowa House has scheduled a subcommittee on the legislation for Monday, Feb. 25 at 2:05 p.m. ABI expects to see legislation introduced in the Iowa Senate on this funding soon. Since the legislation is an Appropriations bill, it is excluded from the funnel deadline that all policy bills must meet. ABI position: For. For more information, contact Nicole Crain or Brad Hartkopf.