Gov. Reynolds Delivers Bold First State Address

January 11, 2018

Gov. Kim Reynolds gave her first State of the State address to a full chamber and galleries in the Iowa House. You can read her full speech here. A few of the highlights include water quality, workforce, tax reform and addressing health care challenges in Iowa.

Most notably, Gov. Reynolds proposed eliminating federal deductibility for individuals in middle-class families and small businesses. Due to federal tax reform, there is a risk that if something isn’t done on the state level, Iowans will see a tax increase. Gov. Reynolds would like to see a multi-year approach to tax reform with the second year focused on corporate tax reform. She also proposed additional funding for apprenticeship programs and work-based learning.

Gov. Reynolds spent a good portion of her remarks talking about the importance of hard work and opportunities for Iowans to get skilled and into the workforce. The speech was well-received by both parties, and Gov. Reynolds had many standing ovations on her policy proposals. ABI looks forward to working with Gov. Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature to advance pro-growth initiatives.

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