Gov. Reynolds Outlines Iowa Vaccine Deployment, Updated Plan Available Friday

December 3, 2020

In the governor’s press conference this morning she outlined the state’s plan for initial vaccine deployment. Gov. Reynolds mentioned the state of Iowa will receive a total of 172,000 doses during the month of December of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine beginning the week of Dec. 13. The initial doses will go to hospital workers and skilled nursing residents and workers. The state has followed the federal guidance and partnered with pharmacies who will help administer and provide the workforce to get the vaccine deployed. Information about the vaccine begins around the 22-minute mark during the press conference.

Director Garcia of the Iowa Department of Human Services/Public Health spoke in more detail about the process for additional deployment of the vaccine. Her comments begin around the 24-minute mark. Director Garcia talked about the sub-prioritization that will take place within the priority categories. DHS is convening a team of internal and external experts known as the Infectious Disease Advisory Council (IDAC) that will assist the state in developing COVID-19 vaccine guidance for early response when supply is limited. The group will bring together ethical and clinical expertise from across the state that represents rural and urban, hospital administration, infectious disease experts, vulnerable populations and advocates for aging populations, intellectual/developmental disabilities and refugees. The diversity of the group is put together to minimize health inequities based on geography, poverty and other social determinants. They’ll provide input as additional vaccines become available and will help navigate the distribution of therapeutics. Commitments to the council are being solidified and will be shared on Friday along with the updated vaccine distribution plan.