Gov. Reynolds Signs Right of Way Bill

May 16, 2019

Last Friday, Gov. Reynolds signed HF 537, legislation that makes clear what fees and costs a local government can collect from public utilities when it comes to managing the right of way. ABI supported the legislation to ensure local governments were not collecting fees from businesses that were not related to maintaining the right of way. The legislation will also help broadband deployment statewide.

In addition to this legislation, the governor signed two alcohol bills: SF 323 that defines canned cocktails and a comprehensive Alcoholic Beverages Division policy bill that addresses classes of alcohol licenses in Iowa, penalties, delivery of alcohol, the definition of certain types of alcohol, requirements surrounding home brewing and several other items.

Gov. Reynolds also signed a bill that limits the liability of licensed architects and professional engineers if they are providing disaster assistance under certain circumstances. The state is also working to address nuisance properties, especially in rural Iowa, and SF 93 is legislation that outlines the process to establish a nuisance and the opportunity for an owner to abate the property.