Governor Begins Signing Legislation

June 18, 2020

Now that the 2020 legislative session has adjourned, Gov. Reynolds and her team will begin reviewing bills that passed and deciding whether or not she’ll sign them into law. Yesterday, she put her signature on 29 pieces of legislation. Gov. Reynolds has a 30-day window to veto or approve bills received in the last three days of session. She can veto a whole policy or budget bill, or item-veto specific appropriations or policy language in an appropriations bill. Groups who want items signed or vetoed typically use the 30-day time to send letters of support or opposition to the governor. ABI has submitted a letter respectfully requesting she sign SF 2338, which is the COVID-19 business liability protections legislation. If she vetoes or item-vetoes an appropriations bill, she provides an explanation about the reason for the veto. Bills have enactment dates of July 1, unless otherwise specified. Stay tuned for more on this subject over the next few weeks.