Governor Finishes Signing 2020 Legislation

July 2, 2020

Gov. Reynolds is typically afforded 30 days to review and approve or veto legislation upon the conclusion of the legislative session. The March suspension of the session and its conclusion in June accelerated that timeline, as all budget measures and many other pieces of legislation became law on July 1. The governor concluded action earlier this week and signed bills of interest to ABI members this week. 

HF2589: Medical Marijuana Update Bill – For three legislative sessions, ABI has sought to eliminate potential conflict in the Iowa Code between the evolution of the medical marijuana program and the right of an employer to maintain a drug-free workplace. HF2589 includes all employer workplace protections found elsewhere in the Iowa Code within its own text, thus preventing any misinterpretation of legislative intent and preserving drug-free workplaces.  

HF2629: Future Ready Iowa – This legislation was a priority of ABI. The new law makes improvements to smaller apprenticeship programs, provides mandatory standards for computer science education and includes challenge grants for employers developing innovative child care solutions.

HF2641: Department of Revenue Update Bill – During most sessions, the Department of Revenue will propose legislation updating the practices of the department to provide clarity to taxpayers, and to ease the administration of tax laws and other non-controversial topics. This year’s bill was amended to prevent state taxation of overseas income [GILTI and 163(j)] exposed to taxation by the earlier passage of federal tax policy aimed at repatriation of overseas corporate income.