Governor’s Future Ready Iowa Legislation Introduced

January 25, 2018

The Iowa Senate on Thursday introduced SSB 3087, the Governor’s Future Ready Iowa legislation. Workforce is ABI’s number one priority for 2018, and we look forward to working with the Legislature on this proposed bill. Highlights of SSB 3087 include:

  • Establishes a Future Ready Iowa registered apprenticeship program to incentivize small- and medium-sized apprenticeship sponsors with 20 or fewer apprentices to establish new or additional eligible apprenticeable occupations in an existing apprenticeship sponsor’s apprenticeship program
  • Establishes a volunteer mentoring program within the Commission on Volunteer Service to support implementation of the Future Ready Iowa goals
  • Establishes a pilot program for at-risk youth to provide summer internship opportunities geared toward exploration of and preparation for high-demand careers
  • Establishes the Iowa employer innovation program to expand opportunities for credit and noncredit education and training leading to high-demand jobs for the residents of Iowa. The program’s goal is to encourage Iowa employers, community leaders and others to provide leadership and support for regional workforce talent pools throughout the state. The program also includes match funding opportunities, dependent upon general fund appropriations
  • Establishes a last dollar scholarship program and a skilled workforce grant program to financially support Iowans who need workforce training

Gov. Reynolds focused on workforce challenges–even before taking the oath of office. ABI members served on the Future Ready Iowa Alliance, and ABI joined then Lt. Gov. Reynolds at a press conference to speak about the need. The Alliance was instrumental in developing recommendations that shaped the Future Ready Iowa bill.