Governor’s Initiatives Advance, Statewide Tour Announced

February 13, 2020

This week at her press conference, Gov. Reynolds was joined by a diverse group of stakeholders in support of SSB 3116, her Invest in Iowa Act. ABI included a brief summary of the bill in last week’s newsletter and asked for feedback from members. In addition to the press conference this week, Gov. Reynolds announced she will be traveling the state to share her plan with all Iowans. The first two events were held yesterday with more planned. If you’re interested in attending an event, click here for more updates.

The governor’s policy recommendations on Future Ready Iowa moved forward legislatively this week. The Future Ready Iowa initiative builds on the policies of last year and moved out of the House Commerce Committee after last week’s subcommittee meeting. Yesterday, two House and Senate Commerce subcommittees moved forward the broadband bill proposed by the governor. SSB 3112/HSB 638 are companion bills that continue the progress of the Empower Rural Iowa initiative and legislation passed in 2019. ABI is supporting both governor-led initiatives. For questions about either proposal, contact Brad Hartkopf or JD Davis