Governor signs Connect Every Acre into law

June 25, 2015

Expanding access to high-speed broadband internet was was a top priority of ABI’s this legislative session. Businesses and Iowa communities need access to high-speed reliable broadband to remain competitive and continue opening up access to global markets. On Monday morning, Gov. Terry Branstad signed House File 655, the combined broadband, cell tower siting, and flood mitigation bill into law.

The new law sets up the framework for a grant program where providers can apply for grants covering up to 15 percent of the project, however, there is no designated grant money currently. It also includes a 10-year property tax abatement. In both the grant program and property tax abatement, the investment must take place within five years of approval to take advantage of the incentives. The cell tower siting language sets up uniform application requirements across the state making it easier for cellular providers to set up towers and expand cellular access.

Both of these initiatives will assist in getting high-speed reliable broadband access to businesses, schools, farms and communities across Iowa. For more coverage of the issue, click here.