Governor Signs Synthetic Urine Prohibition Legislation Into Law

March 11, 2021

On Monday, Gov. Reynolds signed into law bipartisan legislation that will enhance the safety of workplaces across the state. HF 283 is a bill that creates criminal penalties for those who use synthetic urine to defraud a drug or alcohol test. Those penalties also apply to someone who uses somebody else’s urine and/or expels their own urine beforehand for the purposes of defrauding a drug or alcohol test.

A person could be charged with a simple misdemeanor for a first offense and a serious misdemeanor for subsequent offenses. The legislation also allows a court to prescribe a substance abuse evaluation and treatment in lieu of or in addition to the misdemeanor charge.

ABI’s public policy team spearheaded this issue following feedback from members that the use of synthetic urine was becoming problematic in the effort to keep workplaces safe. ABI would like to thank Gov. Reynolds for putting her signature on the legislation and Rep. Brian Lohse and Sen. Waylon Brown for floor managing the bill.